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Greetings Revelers!

Hope your spring forward didn’t trip you on your March to saving on daylight. Even if your week started off rough, there’s always better luck tomorrow!


The ladies of Granny Cart Gangstas have just released their highly anticipated music video, “Consequences” This track is based on one of their sketches from the production of Rise of the Red Dawn. The song tells the tale of 3 home girls in different predicaments as a result of actions they made in the past, thus consequences. Despite having 3 separate storylines, inserts, a dance sequence, and time constraints, this production not only went smoothly, but wrapped ahead of schedule! This was all due to the professional cast and crew. As always, we had a great time shootin’ with the gangstas. The production is stylized in a 90′s R&B, Hip Hop fashion, so enjoy the memories of your youth as you peep dis vid, yo!


With or without Daylight Savings, you’ll know the time of the year, because CAAMfest is starting this Thursday! If you haven’t checked out the program yet, you’re in store for a line up as eventful as any St. Patrick’s parade! This year includes additional screenings in the East Bay, so no matter which side of the bridge you’re on, you can save some green!


Cupid + Year of the Horse

Greetings Revelers!

The combination from the heading may sound like a Sagittarius, but all signs lead to the date of the annual CAAMfest launch party!


Yes, it’s that time of the year again to gear up for 10 days worth of Asian Pacific American films screened through out San Francisco and the East Bay. Mark your calendars now and check out the official CAAMfest site for more information about all the screenings and festivities to revel in during March.

See you at the festival!

New Year Cheer!

Greetings Revelers!

We know its been many silent nights without us, but we hope you enjoyed the holidays regardless. Now that we’re celebrating a new year, lets get ready to rock! Here are some projects that we’re thrilled to share.


“Consequences”  is yet another collaboration between Revelcade Entertainment and Granny Cart Gangstas. This is a music video in the style of R&B, girl group of the 90′s. I was more than happy to take the helm as director for the project. The biggest challenge on this production was the schedule. We had a time limit to shoot in the main stage of noon, and exit time of 4:00pm. This meant production had to start early and move quickly. Fortunately, production went smoothly, and we had the team to thank. In addition to Revelcade, other players included Matt Abaya and Jeff L. We broke up into 3 separate units and shot simultaneously after the main stage. Not only did this allow us to speed up production, each portion of the video will also have a unique perspective from each unit. It was a fun project, but don’t take my word for it, check out the photo album and stay tuned for the LP!


Other Revelcade collaborations that are out now include a brand new reality web series called, Making the Cut. This series follow 3 aspiring barbers as they compete to see who earns a scholarship to Bay Area Hair Institute. Anton Cura, owner of Attention to Detail Barber Gallery delves deep into the lives of the contestants to find out their struggles, hurdles, and passion for barbering. The show will also focus on lives the Judges – Vick “The Barber” Damone, owner of Timeless Barbers Barbershop, Shane Nesbitt, owner of Shane’s Barbershop and Shave Parlor, and Derrick “Deerock” Pecson, owner of Black and Gold Barber Lounge. If you want to know what it takes to become a barber, then watch to find out who is Making the Cut. The producers of the show are the same folks that bring you 2 Unemployed Critics.


Speaking of 2 Unemployed Critics, make sure to catch the latest episode. This 4th installment reviews Santa Mesa and Zombadings and the critics find themselves employed at a MMA Gym, what antics can they possibly run into there? See all the pain in this Episode.

Until next time, enjoy the goodies!


Scary Red Treats from Granny

Greetings Revelers!

Happy Halloween! I know it’s a little early, but it’s never too soon for a treat, so get your sweet tooth ready.


Last month, we told you about our involvement with the horror short, Sophia. We’re happy to announce that the production has wrapped and is now in post production! One note I neglected to mention last month was that the project was part of Scary Cow. Scary Cow is a film co-op located in the San Francisco and is made up of filmmakers ranging from novice to expert. It was a great experience working with so many filmmakers eager to put their talents together over a duration of two complete weekends. The task is even more rewarding after shooting with the monstrosity that is the Red camera. Beware of shooting with this beast, because not only does it take great images, but also your time! All the best to Viking Teng as he tackles editing for the film and we’ll keep you posted on the release.


Speaking of Red, Granny Cart Gangstas are having a live show and it’s called, Rise of the Red Dawn! Check out the ladies as they present original new sketches, films, and stand up. Yes, Run the World (Girls) parody will be played and you’ll get the chance to meet them! This is for one night only, so mark your calenders for October 12 or you’ll be marked by the Granny Cart Gangstas!


Turn Up the Burning Hot Streak

Greetings Revelers!

Hope you enjoyed a leisurely Labor Day holiday, or blissful Burning Man as you beat the summer heat or cooked in the smolder.

Steven CAAM

While big budget Hollywood tent poles crashed and burned at the box office this summer, the independent scene continues to soar. On August 16, we were in San Jose to celebrate CAAMFest part 2! It was a weekend full of Asian Pacific American films that kicked off with Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? with director Arvin Chen in attendance. After the opening night screening, the party moved to the San Jose Museum of Art. Check out the album for all the action. On a side note, a call for entries is still open, so look forward to another great CAAMFest in 2014!


If you think that’s hot, on August 29, the show you been waiting for finally launched, yes 2 Unemployed Critics is now online! Go to their YouTube channel and you’ll never be at a lost again when you’re searching for a good Filipino movie to watch. Also, check out the bloopers and behind the scenes content, and don’t forget to subscribe to catch each episode.


The hot streak continues, because we teamed up with Viking Teng to help him shoot his horror movie, Sophia. The story is about a young couple that suddenly experience mysterious activity in their home and discover they’re not alone. We’ll be working on the lighting side to create the eerie mood and spooky scenes that create the suspense you’re looking for when watching scary movies. This is a difficult challenge, but we’re more than ready to execute a killer movie (pun intended!).  Get more information on the movie by visiting the official site and get ready for some thrills this fall, if you can handle it.


Funployment for 2 @ Mink & The Ramonda Show

Greetings Revelers!

Hope you had a brilliant Independence Day with plenty of fireworks that make em go “oh, oh, oh!”

2 Unemployed Critics Advanced Screening MINK

On July 27th, we joined the unemployment line to attend the advance screening of 2 Unemployed Critics. The event was hosted at Mink Bar & Lounge and the entertainment included stand up from one of the show’s stars, Allan S. Manalo, followed by the screening of fellow filmmakers. You may remember these titles, Vampariah, Accident, Nico’s Sampaguita, and of course, Granny Cart Gangsta’s Run the World Parody! The event was a success and the screening was a hit! If you missed the event, don’t worry, the series is scheduled for Thursday nights at 8:00pm PST, but stay tuned as the launch date is TBD. In the meantime, enjoy this Teaser.

grant 016

In other news, our very own Cream Controller, Grant Inaba, represented Revelcade by making a guest appearance on a local show called, The Ramonda Show, created & hosted by Ramonda Cutrer. Ramonda is a powerhouse and among many things, she’s a business executive, an entrepreneur and the CEO  and founder of The Brickhouse Empire, which produced Brickhouse Talk, and Sisters Sowing Seeds Inc. On the show, Grant discusses everything Revelcade, from past projects to future collaborations and even his hobbies when he’s not behind the scenes or screen. Check out the full interview HERE! We want to give Ramonda, and her crew, a huge THANK YOU for having us on her show! Also, please show Ramonda support by visiting her website and learning more about her work.

Enjoy & Cheers,

Summer Breakout is on the Air

Greeting Revelers,

The never-ending battle between dad and grad celebrations could have caused you to break a sweat or two at the beginning of summer, but there’ll be plenty more where that came from as we turn up the heat of our own.

Breakout Weekly

Back on June 21st, we had the opportunity to make an appearance on a brand new show called, “Breakout Weekly,” produced by Berkeley Community Media. The show focuses on bay area artists and we got to talk shop with fellow filmmaker, Shay Arigbede, and independent book author, Sonny B. Allen. I took the hot seat on stage to field questions from hosts, Tony Savo & Monique Dismuke along with Lisa Tateosian, but Revelcade was in attendance as Grant, Dan, and Veronica participated as audience members and got some shine on primetime as well.

I had a great time sharing my experiences as an independent filmmaker and discussing ideas around creative expressionism as an artist. We would like to express our gratitude to Jessica Brown for inviting us to her show and giving us the platform to promote our work and allowing us to contribute to an ever growing community of artists in the bay area.

The episode we shot is still in post-production, so stay tuned (literally) and catch us on BTV 28 & 33 soon!


Revel With Applause

Greeting Revelers,

May has been an event packed month starting with Star Wars Day, then Cinco de Mayo, and many other celebrations honoring Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.


We celebrated the month by partnering up with the fine folks of Mind.Erase.Media and presented the second installment of Applause Night. It was another exciting showcase of local filmmakers along side with friends and supporters that gather to enjoy everything from teasers & trailers to music videos, and short movies. The lineup of filmmakers included, Kelly Lou Dennis, Ava Tong, Roczane Enriquez, Desciple, and of course our co-presenters Bo! Campbell & Ray Hom, plus many more.  The event was a success with a packed house and applause that lasted throughout the night. The revelry continued at the after party as filmmakers plot their next film projects, so look forward to some awesome collaborations in the near future!

Be sure to check out our Video section for a brand new upload! Hint, you’ll go Linsane if you miss it!


NEW Short Film Release, For Closure!


We know its been awhile since you saw an original production from us, so we are ecstatic to present to you our first scary/horror movie, For Closure!  This title may sound familiar, and if you visit our photo gallery, you’ll remember our behind the scenes photos from 2011! This short has had a limited film festival showing in the bay area for the past year, but now we are happy to share it with the world!


“Their dream home just became their worst nightmare.”

A young couple spends their first night in their new home, but find out they aren’t alone. The truth behind their purchase will be discovered, but it could already be too late to escape.


Cherry Blossoms & Sisig

Greetings Revelers!

Instead of the IRS raining on your parade, we hope you got to make it rain with your tax refunds! Now that spring has sprung, it looks like sunshine from here on out.

CBQP 2013

One celebration I always look forward to in April is the Cherry Blossom festival in Japantown, San Francisco. This year I worked as the official videographer for the Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Program. The program celebrates rich Japanese traditions and helps mentor the candidates to become even more successful in their future endeavors. The festival celebrates 46 years and I was more than happy to help document the occasion.

2 UC

The web series you should be familiar with by now, 2 Unemployed Critics, returned to production with its season finale. This episode takes us to the set of Pulutan in Daly City. Not only do the guys fill the frame with their witty banter and hilarious gags, but our stomachs were treated to delicious Filipino food prepared by Pulutan owner and chef, Andres Matillano & Jojo Phu. This episode is unlike any of the others, because instead of getting fired, the guys suffer a different fate, but what, you’ll have to tune in to see!

Lastly, back by popular demand, Revelcade is partnering up with Mind.Erase.Media to host another Applause Night! Grant Inaba is spearheading the event and it will be held on May 10th at the Artists’ Television Access, so mark your calendars and see you there!

Cheers – Jason

Revelation in Content Creation